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Kayaking on Nalova Bay in Nacula Island
The Big Whale Project at Nalova Bay on Nacula Island.

Here is a little recount from The big whale project, a family of four who decided to sell everything to embark on a worldly epic adventure. Luckily enough we were a part of their journey, stopping by Oarsman’s Bay Lodge for four days in October 2019.

A True Paradise for a Travelling Family. 

Wow! How we loved every minute of our time at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge (4 days was way too short). As a full-time travelling family, we already visited plenty of nice places around the world, but this one is truly special to us. Why you may ask? It’s a combination of the beauty of the island itself and the lovely staff at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge.

The best thing about travelling with young kids is that kids know how to enjoy the (what adults like to call it) ‘little’ or ‘simple’ things in life, like picking and finding their own coconuts to drink, discovering a variety of fish in the crystal clear ocean, and searching for the prettiest shells. But they also liked the water activities they were able to enjoy with mum and dad, like paddle-boarding and kayaking.

Enjoying the crystal blue water of Nalova Bay
Eli can’t help but smile during her time at Nalova Bay.
children drinking fresh coconuts
Noah & Eli loved finding their own fresh coconuts to drink.

We particularly LOVED hiking. In the last few months we enjoyed a lot of great hikes in different countries but Nacula Island, where Oarsman’s Bay is located, had a spectacular trail to the mountain top.

After hiking for about 45 minutes (yes, the kids were able to do this!) to the top of the mountain we got this amazing view overlooking the island and the secret bays hidden between all the green hilltops. It was just breathtaking!

Reaching the hill top of Nacula Island after a 45 minute hike.
The family loved the spectacular views of Nacula Island from the mountain top.

We will never forget our visit of the church in the Nacula Village. Everybody in the village was so genuinely excited that we came to visit, and it was so nice to see Eli and Noah (our children) playing with the kids from the village. Although we couldn’t understand the words (because it was in Fijian), the church service, particularly the singing aspect, was very special to us.

We want to thank everybody at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge for being so sweet, happy, caring and helpful to us.

Hopefully we will see you soon!


Sil, Nikki, Noah and Eli. 

Follow Sil, Nikki, Noah and Eli’s on their incredible journey through their Instagram page: @thebigwhaleproject

Children interact with locals at Nacula Village
‘Everybody in the village was so genuinely excited that we came to visit.’

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