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About Oarsman's Bay Lodge

We respect our Fijian heritage, its future heirs, and the cultural diversity of our guests. We feel the great responsibility of conserving and protecting the environment on which our island life depends.

We are committed to:

Working to establish a Marine Preservation Area around Yaromo Island and Nacula Bay dedicated to the protection of biodiversity and natural resources of our clean and preserved waters.

Educating our guests about our island with guided tours of the rugged peaks, mangroves and valleys of Nacula Island.

Working towards offering a completely self-sufficient food chain by featuring locally sourced seafood, fruits and vegetables on our menus and also by providing any excess produce to the Nacula Island community.

Utilising natural artesian water that is accessed through a bore-hole, and then goes through a rigorous filtering process. All guests have unlimited access from a purifier at the bar to fill their reusable water bottles whenever they please.

Sustaining our local fishing community by buying seafood fresh from our bay each morning.

Minimising single use plastic on the island where possible.

Honouring the annual traditional Fijian fish drive.