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KANA (Let’s Eat)

Fijian cuisine is heavily influenced by the surrounding oceans. The basic elements of Fijian food consist of rice, cassava, coconut and fish. The migration of Indians to Fiji began in the 1870s, when thousands arrived to work in the sugarcane industry. As a result, a distinctive style of ‘Fijian-Indo’ cooking evolved, and food in Fiji now features elements of colourful curries and spices.



One of the most popular foods in Fiji is Kokoda. It’s Fiji’s equivalent of South America’s ceviche, made up of finely chopped raw mahi-mahi fish, dressed with thick coconut cream with onions, lemon/lime juice, salt and chilies.


Lovo is a Fijian delicacy that is normally prepared for communal celebrations such as weddings or festivals. The word Lovo essentially means a ‘feast cooked in the earth’. A makeshift underground oven is fashioned by digging a hole into the ground and lining it with coconut husks, which are then lit on fire and covered by stones. Meats, fish and vegetables are wrapped in banana and taro leaves, and placed on top of the heated stones that are covered in dirt. This slow cooking method is best left for around two to three hours in order to achieve tender and flavoursome results. The Fiji food takes on a delicious smoky flavour due to the leaves and the underground method of cooking.


Fiji has a high Indian population, so the abundance of curries available in the islands is no surprise. In saying this, Fijians have their local take on Indian food, with a Fijian curry typically featuring coconut milk, tomatoes and, and can even include the green cooking banana, plantain.


Cassava is a common root vegetable in Fiji which grows in most places throughout the islands and forms a staple part of the local diet. Cassava is similar to the potato, but more fibrous. Cassava Chips are a favourite, as they are cut, boiled and made into hot chips.


Fresh food is sourced daily and a mix of international and Fijian cuisine is available at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge. Local fishermen supply delicious fresh catches every morning and most of the vegetables are sourced from our local Nacula Island village gardens.  A traditional Fiji continental breakfast is served with a selection of hot dishes. Lunch and dinner menus vary daily and are designed around the daily catches, fresh from the sea.

Most dietary requirements can be catered for, with advance notice.

Please note our mandatory meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and three course set dinner menu.

The meal plan costs:

FJ $119 per day per Adult

Beverages and snacks can be purchased at the bar. The bar boasts quality wines, Fiji beer and a range of spirits and cocktails.