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Located in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji, Oarsman’s Bay Lodge offers our guests a wide range of relaxing and adventurous activities.

Those that want an authentic Fijian experience can visit the local school or village, and all guests are even welcome to join the congregation at the local church on Sunday (a true Fijian experience like no other).

The school visit is a real highlight, and a visit to the village during the week gives you a glimpse of real Fiji island life. And be sure to take some small change with you for some beautiful souvenirs from the local handicraft ladies.

Sawa I Lau Caves Fiji

Sawa-I-Lau Limestone Caves

(Duration 2 hours)

Pricing –  FJ$100 pp.

The Sawa-I-Lau Caves are scenic ancient limestone caves located just 25-30 minutes (by boat) from Oarsman’s Bay Lodge. These awe-inspiring caves were carved over a millennia and are known as the resting place of the ancient Fijian ten-headed god Uluitini. From the main cave, you can get to explore other cave systems with the local guides, and the rare opportunity to enter the cave system via a subterranean channel. Wow!

What to bring: swimwear, sunscreen, hat, towel, snorkelling gear, waterproof camera, water and small change for handicrafts (in case you’d like to purchase anything from the local ladies).

snorkelling Yasawas Fiji


At the famous “Blue Lagoon” Beach (Duration 2 hours)

Pricing – FJ$60 pp.

Experience the best of Fiji water, where you will get to go snorkelling at the famous Blue Lagoon beach, just 20 minutes south (by boat) to Nanuya Island (where it is located). Snorkel in one of Fiji’s most crystal blue waters, and colourful marine wonderland, while your local guide hand feeds the resident fish. You can even get to explore the island while you are there.

What to bring: swimwear, sunscreen, hat, towel, snorkelling gear, camera and water.

reef hopping in Fiji

Reef Hopping

(Duration 2 hours)

Pricing : FJ$70.00 pp.

With reef hopping, you will get to spend 30 minutes at each reef and be guided across some of the best snorkelling areas in the Nacula Island region. Surrounding Oarsman’s Bay Lodge are some of Fiji’s best snorkelling preserved reef sites. You will get to swim with colourful fish and coral, and even turtles and eels in crystal blue tropical water.

What to bring:  swimwear, sunscreen, hat, towel, snorkelling gear, camera and water.

Trekking on Nacula Island Fiji

Island Trekking

(Duration up to 2-3 hours)

Pricing – FREE

Nacula Island is home to some of the best island trekking in the Yasawa Islands. The views from the top of the hills are just spectacular, where you get to see the waters and multiple islands in the Yasawas, Fiji. With multiple tracks up and around Nacula Island, your guide can tailor your walk from an easy to a more challenging route.

What to bring: closed shoes (thongs not recommended), insect repellent, sunscreen, hat, camera and water.

Fishing Nalova Bay Fiji

Hand-line Fishing

(Duration 2 hours)

Pricing : FJ$70 pp.

Join us for a true Fijian hand-line fishing experience, where your guide from the local Nacula Island village will take you to his favourite fishing spots. And depending on what you catch, our chef will even happily cook the fish for your next meal!

What to bring: swimwear, sunscreen, hat, towel, camera and water.

Blue Lagoon Scuba Diving Fiji

Scuba Diving


With roughly 30 dive sites to choose from, you need to experience the best of Fiji scuba diving in the marine life of the famous Blue Lagoon. Featured are the Yasawa Island’s famous reefs, walls, drop-offs, swim throughs, and pinnacles. Diving sites are just three minutes to 25 minutes from Oarsman’s Bay Lodge, and all diving experiences are guided by boat, though shore dives can be arranged upon request.

Blue Lagoon dives occur three times a day, everyday from 9am, 11am and 3pm. All necessary equipment is supplied, and and you will be safely guided by professional PADI Dive Instructors and PADI Dive Masters.


What to bring: swimwear, sunscreen, hat, towel, underwater camera and water.

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