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Arrival Oarsman's Bay Lodge Fiji Resort

Now let’s be honest. We know there are literally hundreds of accommodation options for discerning travellers to choose from when selecting a destination to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate in Fiji. We also understand that travellers are seeking something bespoke, an experience that speaks to them on a personal level, as the “Ultimate Fiji Holiday Destination.”

Our first blog EVER, will give you an idea of what we can offer, and if we’re not for you, no offence taken. We just hope you enjoy your stay in one of our beautiful 333 islands of Fiji, and that we might see you the next time you return to paradise….Ni sa moce (see you again).

Our Fijian Island lodge is unlike any other, and here are our top 5 reasons why:

Nacula Bay Beach Yasawa Islands
View of Nalova Bay from Oarsman’s Bay Lodge
Guest interacting with the local community at Oarsman's Bay Lodge
Guest interacting with the local community

Reason 1: Located on one of Fiji’s most impressive and rural islands

Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is nestled within the natural sanctuary of Nalova Bay, on the western coast on Nacula Island, the third largest of about 20 volcanic islands in The Yasawa Island Group.

Similar to a handful of other remote Yasawa Island resorts, the water has an ethereal turquoise glow with impressive reef systems housing a variety of coral and extensive marine life.  The beaches look and feel like icing sugar and lush coconut laden palm trees nestle in to the boughs of rugged volcanic island peaks. It’s the idyllic Fiji post card of your dreams.

But unlike the others, the local Nacula community are equity shareholders here, so you can rest assured that your support is benefiting the local community, supporting environmental sustainability and ensuring future generations will continue their remote and envied simple Yasawa Island lifestyle.

Saving the best till last, Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is the very last stop on the Yasawa Flyer – an inter-island boat service which transfers guests to 21 Island Resorts.  If you really want to get away from it all, four and a half hours by boat should do it.

If ‘Fiji time’ isn’t part of your vocabulary quite yet, you can travel by Sea Plane from Nadi International Airport to Nacula Island in just 30 minutes.

Reason 2: Instantly feel a part of our family and community

Fijians highly regard the family and village unit and share a special connection with the land (vanua).

With the local Mataqali Natia (group of families) and the Chief from the nearby Nacula village as key stakeholders and hosts, you’ll sense their connection to the land, sea and place, and feel like a special guest in their home from the moment you arrive.

Every guest is greeted by a traditional Fijian welcome song called ‘Bula Maleya’ which is anthem that symbolises Fijian warmth and hospitality, and from that point forward you will hear the intrinsic musical talent of the Fijian Serenaders of an evening, experience spiritual harmonious hymns at the Sunday church service, or wipe away tears as they sing the traditional farewell song of Fiji – Isa Lei.

The Chief is also committed to implementing sustainable environmental practices across the island, including lobbying for the creation a Marine Preservation Area around the island, to ensure the future preservation of the water environment around the island.

Our warm, unobtrusive hosts will be there when you need them, and are happy to share their ‘Bula Spirit’ with you, which simply means happiness, inclusiveness and wellness.

Spectacular views of Nacula Bay from Neisau Peak
Sawa I Lau Caves Yasawa Islands
Guests swimming in the Sawa I Lau Caves

Reason 3: Free… yes, that’s right, free activities

Other then relaxing by the beach, hammock lazing in the sun and swimming in crystal clear waters, you can go snorkelling, exploring the extensive reef and corals of Nalova Bay just metres from the shore. You can also kayak around the bay spotting turtles, Nemo’s and lots of other marine life.

Another ‘must-do’ experience during your stay is a trek to Neisau Peak behind the Resort to see the spectacular views from the hilltop. From the top you’ll spy 360-degree views of Nacula Island and the surrounding Yasawa Islands.

Guided walks and all equipment for snorkelling and kayaking are provided for guests by the resort at no extra cost.

Reason 4: Globally unique experiences

You’ve journeyed all the way to our sunny shores, so why not explore a bit further afield and visit some of the neighbouring sites that are just a short boat ride away from the lodge and unique to Fiji.

You absolutely have to visit the Sawa-I-Lau Limestone Caves – a hidden natural gem in the Yasawas.  Here you can swim in natural cave systems and adventurers can enter pitch-black caves via a subterranean channel with your local hosts expertly guiding you.

Other popular activities are snorkelling at the Blue Lagoon Beach, made popular by the movie that starred Brooke Shields.  And a day trip to Honeymoon Island (Yaromo Island) is a great way to do a ‘Tom Hanks’ and maroon yourselves, just a short 10 minute boat ride from the resort.

Fresh food served daily from Oarsman's Bay Lodge
Kokoda is a traditional dish featuring raw fish
Oarsman's Bay Lodge Dining Beach Views
Enjoying the sunset from the dining room

Reason 5: Fresh, local and self-sustainable Fijian food

Because you will be staying on a remote island, your only option is to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort. Sounds terrible, right? Wrong!

Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is one of the few Fijian accommodation spots that is operated and run by the local community, so you get to experience fresh and locally grown Fijian cuisines. Fijian food is heavily influenced by the ocean, so the menu has a seafood focus with fish caught fresh daily from our bay.

You will also get to taste a number of delicious Fijian curries, where coconut is the prominent ingredient. Hot dishes, along with local Fijian pastries and local fruits are served each morning for breakfast.

The resort also aims to be completely self-sustainable, and the majority of the ingredients are already freshly grown, picked and served fresh from our garden.

If you want to learn more, start exploring our website or contact our reservations team.

If you are convinced, book direct and save up to 15%.

Experience the real Fijian paradise.