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Nacula Island

Nacula Island Yasawa Islands Fiji


Nacula Island is the third largest island in the Yasawa Islands chain of twenty islands.  It’s the second-farthest north in the group of islands. Blanketed with rugged hills and peaks of up to 243 meters in height, its interior is laced with well-trodden paths leading to villages, mangroves, stunning beaches and hidden coves.   Area 21.7 km², population approximately 600, highest point 243m


The Island of Nacula was first inhabited by the Yavusa Drola who some say came from the Nakavadra Hills. The first settlers established themselves on the eastern side of the Island, and called the area Drola. Because of the scarcity of water and for other reasons, they left Drola for the western side of the Island, and settled at Malakati.

Some members of the Yavusa then went and built another settlement at Natia, not far from Malakati, and this village became known as Nacula. It appears that the ancestors of the Drola people of today lived in a number of different settlements until they finally all moved and settled together at Nacula village. Sometime later, some of the Kai Drola from Nacula moved and settled again at Cobe to occupy more land.

Not long after that, another group of people living at Nacula went on and settled the area at Navotua, also for the sake of occupying land. Even when they settled at these places, away from Nacula, they still recognised and continued to give their allegiance to the chief of Nacula, who is the Tui Drola.

Thus the Island of Nacula was established with four separate villages. Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is situated on the south western corner of Nacula Island, a 20 minute walk from the village of Nacula.