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From its volcanic island beginnings, a sanctuary for the abundant marine life was born. Around Nacula, the coral and sea life is abundant, turtles glide through turquoise waters and many colourful fish such as beautiful parrot fish are commonly seen.

There are more than one hundred species of birds that can be spotted throughout the Yasawas. You might even be lucky enough to witness the hunting techniques of the kingfisher, plummeting from high above the water diving for dinner.

Perhaps the most unique and important of Fiji’s flora are its mangroves, which are flooded forests that stand in shallow water and whose roots are sunk deep into the seabed. Mangroves are crucial to Fiji’s geography because they strengthen the islands’ coastlines against the ravages of a warming ocean.


Mangroves also protect Fiji’s beautiful reefs by absorbing much of the force from high ocean waves and by producing a chemical that keep harmful algae from growing on the reefs. Some scientists and Fiji locals fear that as the climate changes due to global warming, the mangroves may be destroyed by rising water and salt levels of the ocean, thereby making the Fijian islands vulnerable to one day being absorbed into the ocean.

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