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Fiji is one of the best holiday destinations for relaxation. And contrary to the hustle and bustle of the main island of Viti Levu, you will revel in the relaxed pace of life that the Yasawa Islands offer.

You will no doubt hear about ‘Fiji Time’.  ‘Fiji Time’ is not about slow service, but rather appreciating that we don’t need to race through life. It is appreciating every moment and your connection with loved ones, and feeling grateful and happy for it. It is a part of the DNA of the Fijian people and highly contagious.  Within a few hours you’ll find yourself walking slower, breathing deeper and finding clarity in the tranquil environment.

Yaromo Honeymoon Island Fiji

Escape to Honeymoon Island

Also known as Yaromo Island

Duration: 2 hours

Pricing – adults: FJ$55 pp, children: FJ$30 pp

Just a quick 10 min boat ride from the resort, be marooned on this island paradise, where you can explore or snorkel for two hours.

What to bring: Swimwear, Sunscreen, Hat, Towel, Snorkelling Gear, Camera & Water.

Nacula Island Medicinal Plant Tour

Nacula Island Medicinal Plant Tour

Duration: 1 hour

Pricing – FREE

Nacula Island is home to many amazing plants species, many of which are the source of modern medicines and local remedies. For guests interested in learning more about the island’s medicinal plants, one of our team will take you on a guided tour. They’ll point out their favourite plants, traditionally used by the community of Nacula to assist in general health maintenance and the administration for specific conditions and concerns. Plants include BoteBote Core Leaves that contain antiseptic properties, Quawawa or Quava to treat diarrhea and dysentery, and many more.

What to bring: Closed Sporting Shoes, Insect Repellant, Sunscreen, Hat, Camera & Water.

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Sun Loungers

Private Hammocks

Hermit Crab Race

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Bird Watching

Nature Walks

Shell Collecting

Listening to our Island Serenaders