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Welcome to Oarsman’s Bay Lodge, the perfect Fiji resort if you are looking for remote Fiji accommodation within a natural sanctuary of breathtaking beauty and rare serenity. Our Fiji island resort is a haven for nature lovers seeking to retreat, relax and rejuvenate in a tropical paradise.


Located in the remote Yasawa Islands, Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is one of just four Fiji resorts on the Island of Nacula; the third largest in the Yasawa Island chain. Our guests tell us we are one of the best beach resorts in Fiji, due to the magnificent turquoise waters of the lagoon, glorious pristine white sand beaches and lush towering volcanic peaks. Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is the perfect accommodation for a tropical island escape. 

Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is surrounded by white sand beaches and a scenic vista from a hill climb that exposes most of the Yasawa island chain. It even has its very own private island called Yaromo Island or Honeymoon Island.  Yaromo Island is just 10 minutes by tender boat from our island resort, and is just four acres of some of the most beautiful and contrasting South Pacific Island terrain.


Our warm and intuitive hosts ensure you will instantly feel welcome on our tropical island, and a part of our family and local community.  For those seeking a more authentic Fijian experience, we provide many opportunities to experience island life.  The difference at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge in comparison to other Fiji resorts, even in our vicinity, is that you get to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the Yasawan people, 

Our sustainable and self-sufficient approach to our ecosystem ensures the future protection of Nacula Island and marine environs. And as our resort is co-operated by the island’s Mataqali group of families, by choosing to stay with us, guests will leave knowing that they’ve supported future generations of the Nacula Island community.

Your senses will awaken at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge Fiji resort, as you breathe in the aromatic perfumes of our flora and fauna, taste the freshness of our local foods, including fish caught straight from the sea, peer out over vast peaks, feel the vibe of island life on a visit to Nacula Village, and hear waves lapping on the shores of Nalova Bay.

Make sure you book your next tropical island summer beach holiday at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge. The Yasawa Islands resort is the perfect Fiji accommodation destination for a truly authentic experience.