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At Oarsman’s Bay Lodge you are as free to be as adventurous or laid-back as you wish. Our remote location means the culture and traditions are strong. Life on Nacula Island is simple, harmonious with nature and uncomplicated far from the tourist traps.


Immerse yourself in Fijian traditions and harness new skills whilst learning about their origins.

Join Oarsman’s experienced team for an afternoon of basket weaving and learn about the importance of coconut trees, the symbol of life in Fiji, or practice the basics of the Fijian language.  Be part of a Kava Ceremony and watch the Oarsman’s staff perform a traditional Fijian dance (Meke).

Nacula Village

Explore the chiefly village of Nacula, after which the island is named.  Witness first hand, village life unchanged for generations.

Visit the community hall, village churches, the Ratu Meli Memorial School, Installation Rock (where new Chiefs are anointed),  and the tiny hospital.

Book a private island experience

Experience the ultimate escape by booking our private island Yaromo, just a ten-minute boat ride across the bay. This exclusive sanctuary, nestled amidst palms and she-oaks, offers the perfect setting to create cherished memories. Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a special celebration, or simply a desire for seclusion with our fully catered beach picnic, our private island is the ideal venue.

You and your guests can enjoy the tranquility of the island, relax on the private decks, unwind in hammocks, enjoy a cool drink at the beach bar and take a walk along the photogenic sand-spit.


The Lodge has an activity centre that organises everything from snorkel safaris to expeditions to the majestic Sawa-I-Lau Caves, one of the ‘must-do’ activities.  The ancient limestone formations, carved by constant wave action are hidden within an attractive little island.

Lodge life is as busy or as languid as you like. Grab a mask, snorkel and fins on arrival and you’ll never need for much else. There’s a colourful reef right in front of you and speedboat excursions to other reefs further afield.

The rhythm of Oarsman’s life is a reminder of your favourite childhood beach holidays. Simple, without a worry in the world!

Outdoor Activities Abound

Try hand-line fishing, kayak at sunrise or take an excursion to Yaromo Island.

The sunset climb to Neisau peak (238m) provides a good sense of place in the Yasawa group as you can see up and down the island chain.  An easy path starts from Oarsman’s Bay Lodge and reaches a hill north of the resort.  Guides are available upon request.

Health and Wellbeing

Experience beautiful healing massages in a tranquil location.

Oarsman’s Bay Lodge offers gracious hospitality from a highly skilled therapist who combines the healing potency of all natural ingredients with an indulgent range of treatments to choose from.  Our Massage Bure is open Monday – Saturday.  For reservations please contact the Lodge reception.

Activities at Oarsman's Bay Lodge

How can I book for Yaromo Island?

We will need advance booking for Yaromo Island, you can contact us directly at for further details.

When should I book activities at Oarsman’s?

It is best to book for the activities on your arrival at Oarsman’s, as all activities are weather and is also subject to the minimum number of pax. The activities team will work out an activity itinerary for you to ensure that you do not miss out on any activity that you are interested in.

I would like to book the Sawa-i-Lau Limestone Cave when is this available?

The Sawa-i-Lau Cave Trip is a must-do activity when in the Northern Yasawa Islands, from Oarsman’s this trip leaves daily at 8.30am, except for Sunday when the caves are closed by the landowners for the public.

Do I need to book the Cave Trip in advance and will we be back in time for lunch and catch the return ferry?

You can book the Cave trip on your arrival to Oarsmans. The trip returns at 11.30am at the latest you have enough time for lunch and be ready for the return ferry.

Can I scuba dive at Oarsman’s?

Please note our neighbors Blue Lagoon Resort, provide this service and they are only a few steps away from Oarsman’s. For further details contact us directly.

Do I need to bring my own snorkel set and do you provide Beach Towels:

  • Snorkel Sets with fins are complimentary and are issued from the activity room, there is a signing-out and signing-in procedure.
    Beach towels are provided complimentary for all guests.